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Relieve Yourself In 15 Most Bizarre Toilets And Urinals In The World

If you though, sitting in a nearby toilet and relieving yourself was a boring job, you really need to pee once in these strange and hilarious urinals. I will have to say, you should once feel the experience and relieve yourself in 15 most bizarre toilets and urinals in the world

1.And this

2. Don’t be shy!

3. Musical pee?

4. Oh! Invention

5. Give me a kiss!

6. You would surely love to pee here, Right?

7. The neon’s

8. The Future!

9. You can see out, but no one can see in!

10. The terror

11. Peeing and Skiing together!

12. Would you poo in a ice urinal?

13. Are you ready for it?

14. Now, you can enjoy the i-urinal!

15. Love Gold?

10 Best Clever Inventions Of All The Times

Inventions have played more than crucial role in designing our present. Everything around us, which we use daily are a result of someone’s brains and hard work! Though, here are a some inventions which are though simple but, smart!

1. Bottle opener remote. No more struggling with the mainstream opener!

2. Self locking bending cycle. No tension of losing your cycle now!

3. Pizza scissors! Serves equal sizes of slice without any hassle.

4. Gum packaging with build in garbage. No more littering and carrying a chewed gum.


5. Finger guard! No question of getting your fingers cut now.

6. Sauce dispensing chopsticks.

7. Gadget holders while charging. Who doesn’t know the struggle of finding no place to keep the phone whilst charging.

8. Water bottles which can store your valuables to! Really good option for gym freaks!

9. Hour glass LED Traffic lights.

10. Cartoon bags! Look at them!!


Old People Wearing T-Shirts With Hilarious Quotes

You never thought, actually you would never think about your grandma and grandpa wearing a T-shirt with the most hilarious quote on it. Did you? Here we mention you 15 old people wearing T-shirts with hilarious quotes over them. And they love to flaunt them.

1. I pooped today

2. I’m a virgin (But this is an old t-shirt)

3. Don’t laugh it’s your girlfriends Shirt

4. I’m not gay but $20 is $20

5. B**ch don’t kill my vibe

6. I’d rather be a smart *** than a dumb shit

7. Look at her , she says ‘20% Hotter than you’

Great Bollywood Movies Which Flopped At The Time Of Their Release


Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay is considered to be one of the greatest cult. However when released in 1990, it received non favorable reviews from the critics and box office response. Later, with a positive word-of-mouth helped the movie gain publicity and made it a success. Even in January 2014, the movie was released in 3D format in theatres.

2.The Burning Train

This Ravi Chopra’s movie is known to have huge all-star cast is a Bollywood action thriller. It might have been the inspiration for the movie Speed, but didn’t do well at the release. Even after 100% opening, the collections fell in the following weeks and could move up again. It was rated to be a below-average performer.

3. Silsila

Yash Chopra’s Silsila is still loved by the audience as one of the most romantic Bollywood cult. The music is still loved now and was a “super-hit” at the time of release too. However, audience didn’t connect with the storyline of the movie and hence it never performed well at the box office.

4. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
Known to be a classic and one of the “Must watch” movie of all times, was a flop because the audience could not relate to the satire in the plot. They landed up confused after watching the movie. Eventually, it was regarded as a cult classic.

5. Mera Naam Joker

This movie took 6 years and much of the personal fortune of Raj Kapoor in its making, still it was insufficient to impress the audience then. They could now connect with the advancement in the plot of the movie. Later with time, it is marked as the one of the most classic movies.

6. Andaz Apna Apna

Even after an amazing star cast and fabulous comic storyline, the movie did not do well at the box office. It was because the movie was competeing with other blockbusters at the theatres, namely,Hum Apke Hain Kaun..?, 1942: A Love Story, Krantiveer. However, the movie still have its presence by it epic dialogues like Teja main hun, Mark idhar hai”, “Do dost ek cup mein chai piyenge”, etc.

7. Pyar Ka Punchnama

The movies was received with mixed response and critical reviews. With six debutants, it depicts the love stories of the youth. It is said to be the most successful small budget film.

8. Dil Se..

Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se was a delicate plot between love and terrorism. It was not liked initially. Later, with the A R Rehman’s music the movie gained love and grew to be a classic.

9. Agneepath

Initially it was failure at the box office and with the critics too. It was believed that the way Amitabh Bachchan delivered the dialogues was not accepted by the audience. Now this movie is the classic and also been remade starring Hrithik Roshan.

10 3D Street Arts That Will Make You Go WOW

In this article, we are presenting some 3d creative arts which will blow your mind.
You all might have seen movies in 3D, but these arts are different.
These pics are taken From 3DStreetArts (twitter). I’m you sure will be amazed after watching their creativity








How did you find them? Ain’t they amazing?
Share your views in the comments section and tag your friends who are 3D lovers.