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Rock-star Story and Review

Director Imtiyaz Ali
Music A.R.Rehman
Cast Ranbir Kapoor,Nargis Fakri
Janardan, born in the very middle class locality of Pitampura in Delhi,he has a dream- of being a rockstar like Jim Morrison! But  his  audience disappoint him . then he realizes that all musical stars; all artists in fact, have one thing in common. And that is tragedy. They all have tragic lives. They have all suffered painful heart breaks to become what they are.  But there is no pain in Janardan's life .Then he think Unless he does something drastic, he will never become a rockstar. 
        On the other hand  Heer Kaur is the beautiful, talented and rich diva of the college campus . Heer is getting married and wants to do a lot of crazy things before that. That includes
drinking desi alcohol, watching B-grade porn movie in a small theatre and so
on.  She has broken many hearts. . Janardan hopes she will break his heart too and then he will become Rockstar.  Rock star is the journey of a boy - who leaves behind Janardan to become Jordan; who travels the highs and lows of life - from simple man to tortured soul, from the pleasure of friendship to the painful  love, from the campus in Delhi to the international stage… He ultimately gets all that he want to be.but in that  process he  loses his heart forever.

 In the first half Life in a typical Delhi college and the scenic beauty of Kashmir has
been beautifully captured on screen. Youngsters and even the older, will be able to relate to many sequences in Rockstar, However, the second half gets a little boring  and the narration
becomes a little weak.The scene between Ranbir and Shammi Kapoor is very nice
to watch, apart from many other light moments.
The background score by AR Rahman is extremely good and uplifts your
mood. The music and songs are mind blowing that take you to another world.
Imtiaz Ali has a talent of extracting mind blowing performance from all actors, especially Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir has proved once again that he is an awesome actor. He will be remembered always for his extra ordinary performance in Rockstar . Nargis Fakhri looks mind blowing. She acts well too. The on screen chemistry between Nargis Fakhri and Ranbir Kapoor is
superb. Rockstar is Shammi Kapoor's last film and the actor is
simply outstanding in his small, but important role. The other actors
have given an average performance.