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Players Movie Story and Review

Movie Ratting:  * * *
Directed By: Abbas-Mustaan
Music By ;Pritam
Cast: Abhishek Bachchan,Neel Nitin Mukesh,
Players is an official remake of the Hollywood movie, The Italian Job. Abbas - Mastan are the directors of this movie, starring Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bobby Deol, Sikander Kher and Omi Vaidya. The movie has been extensively shot in Russia and New Zealand.

Player Story:
 In 1915 Romania sent its pure gold collection worth a zillion crores to Russia for safe deposit. Russia of course chose to never give it back. But now good bilateral terms between the two countries means Russia is sending all that gold back to Romania by train.
             PLAYERS is about a team of skilled and sharp group of people --
Charlie [Abhishek Bachchan], Ronnie [Bobby Deol], Spider [Neil Nitin
Mukesh], Riya [Bipasha Basu], Bilal [Sikander Kher] and Sunny [Omi
Vaidya]  Who plan to loot this gold and they  succed in their act of stealing gold bar from runnig what next the looted gold should be distributed between team members,right,no rong!now twist in the story,one of team member Spider(nil nitin mukesh) cheat with team members and manage to escap with gold  Abhishek Bachchan and his team’s  mission is to get that gold from spider.

Movie Review:
 The biggest chalange for Abbas-Mustan and his team was  remaking  of a classic Hollywood movie.which was a super hit movie of that is alwas risky remaking a classic film especially a Hollywood movie. deffinetly people will campare this movie with the original. 
There are twists in the middle and twists towards the final.
PLAYERS stays true to their style, but the twists here are not the type that shock or amaze . One of the twists- about the double crosser -- does catch you by surprise, but the
remaining ones don't.
The highlights of the movie are wonderful performance by lead actors,
stylised stunts, stunning visuals and comic sequences. But Abbas
Mustan have added some extra elements, which were not in the
original movie and they make the movie very lengthy and boring.
Bipasha looks superconfident and fabulous. Neil Nitin Mukesh has a
challenging role, but he did not performed it well.. Bobby Deol has been
sidelined and wasted. Omi Vaidya tickles the funny bones. Sonam
Kapoor, Sikander Kher and Vinod Khanna have done their respective jobs
However, Pritam soundtrack in Players are not very impressive The
music has failed to bring back the magic that he had in
the music of Dhoom , Dhoom 2 and Race . Overall, Players may match
with The Italian Job in its classic standards, it is obviously a good
commercial entertainer.