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10 Best Clever Inventions Of All The Times

Inventions have played more than crucial role in designing our present. Everything around us, which we use daily are a result of someone’s brains and hard work! Though, here are a some inventions which are though simple but, smart!

1. Bottle opener remote. No more struggling with the mainstream opener!

2. Self locking bending cycle. No tension of losing your cycle now!

3. Pizza scissors! Serves equal sizes of slice without any hassle.

4. Gum packaging with build in garbage. No more littering and carrying a chewed gum.


5. Finger guard! No question of getting your fingers cut now.

6. Sauce dispensing chopsticks.

7. Gadget holders while charging. Who doesn’t know the struggle of finding no place to keep the phone whilst charging.

8. Water bottles which can store your valuables to! Really good option for gym freaks!

9. Hour glass LED Traffic lights.

10. Cartoon bags! Look at them!!


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