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Relieve Yourself In 15 Most Bizarre Toilets And Urinals In The World

If you though, sitting in a nearby toilet and relieving yourself was a boring job, you really need to pee once in these strange and hilarious urinals. I will have to say, you should once feel the experience and relieve yourself in 15 most bizarre toilets and urinals in the world

1.And this

2. Don’t be shy!

3. Musical pee?

4. Oh! Invention

5. Give me a kiss!

6. You would surely love to pee here, Right?

7. The neon’s

8. The Future!

9. You can see out, but no one can see in!

10. The terror

11. Peeing and Skiing together!

12. Would you poo in a ice urinal?

13. Are you ready for it?

14. Now, you can enjoy the i-urinal!

15. Love Gold?

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