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Old People Wearing T-Shirts With Hilarious Quotes

You never thought, actually you would never think about your grandma and grandpa wearing a T-shirt with the most hilarious quote on it. Did you? Here we mention you 15 old people wearing T-shirts with hilarious quotes over them. And they love to flaunt them.

1. I pooped today

2. I’m a virgin (But this is an old t-shirt)

3. Don’t laugh it’s your girlfriends Shirt

4. I’m not gay but $20 is $20

5. B**ch don’t kill my vibe

6. I’d rather be a smart *** than a dumb shit

7. Look at her , she says ‘20% Hotter than you’

8. On among the Hilarious quotes

9. I may not be Mr. Right

10. Lol- It’s not a bald spot

11. Leg Rests

12. Ha Ha Ha

13. Pause for this one

14. 50..fat.. diabetic.. ahead of you

15. Look at this Bitch!

These old people have flaunted off their T-shirts with hilarious quotes in the best possible way.

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