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14 Popular Cartoons Lookalikes

There also exist few cartoons look-a-likes that you can find in this world. They are difficult to find, but with proper observation you can easily find them around. Check this post to see the closer look alikes of some the popular cartoon characters.
1. This is a copy version of the Granny from the cartoon show Looney tunes


2. Russell from UP movie


3. Almost close….check this closely Linguini from the movie Ratatouille


4. This face is very similar to the character Boo from Monsters Inc.


5. This is Carl From Up movie


6. The cartoon character Meg Griffin from Family Guy has a look alike just too similar


7. Dora character from show Dora The Explorer


8. This Comedian Keenan Thompson looks exactly like the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh


9. The very popular Singer named Kelly Rowland has very close enough face to the most popular cartoon character Princess Tiana who is a Disney princess


10. The famous Pop singer Nicki Minaj looks just like Bratz Diamond


11. Bob Saget in this picture looks just the character sketch of Woody from the movie (Toy Story)


12. Adrien Brody resembles very much to the cartoon character Flint Lockwood from the movie (Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs)


13. This pic is the resemblance of two. The character of ‘Tangled’ named Eugene Fitzherbert seems to be inspired by the look of Ranveer Singh.


Let us know which human resemble the most with cartoon character. If you have anything to share then mention in comments section below

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