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Things You Wouldn’t Believe About These Countries

Our earth is really huge and has more than 7 billion peoples living in 196 countries. There are few things about some countries hard to believe. This is our list of 10 things you wouldn’t believe about these countries.

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1. Most people behind bars – USA

The United States has 2.2 million people behind bars it has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.

2. World’s largest opium producer – Afghanistan

Producing a whopping 95 percent of the world’s opium, not even more than 10 years of occupation by American forces have slowed down the industry.

3. Produces most of the world’s oxygen – Russia

Siberia is home to approximately 25% of the world’s forests, making Russia the largest converter of CO2 into breathable compounds.

4. Most educated people – Canada

With 50% of its population having been educated at the post secondary level, Canada has the most educated population in the world. It is followed by Israel at 45% and Japan at 44%..

5. Almost entirely covered in jungle – Suriname

About 91% of its land covered in jungle Suriname’s half-a-million residents live primarily along the coast near the capital.

6. Most of its citizens live abroad – Malta

More Maltese living abroad than within the country itself.

7. Fastest disappearing nation – Ukraine

With a natural decrease in population of .8% annually, between now and 2050 Ukraine is expected to lose around 30% of its people.

8. Most diverse country in the world – India

In almost every category – culturally, economically, climatically, racially, linguistically,ethnically, and religiously India is either the most diverse countries in the world.

9. The land of no rivers – Saudi Arabia

Most of their fresh water comes from desalinization plants or underground reservoirs.

10. Most overweight population – Nauru

With over 95% of its population being overweight, the small island nation of Nauru is by far the fattest country on Earth.

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