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Shivaay Movie Story & Review

Producer: Ajay Devgan
Director: Ajay Devgan
Music: Mithun
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadry

Shivaay ( Ajay Devgn) is a mountaineer who conducts treks in the Himalayas.
On one of his tours, he meets Olga (Erika Kaar) who hails from Bulgaria. After he saves her life in a deadly avalanche, the duo fall in love.
Olga becomes pregnant and is not willing to give birth to a child but on Shivaay’s insistence, she agrees to deliver the child but refuses to raise it with him and leaves to Bulgaria.

Nine years later,Shivaay is happy living with his daughter Gaura (Abigail Eames). After learning that her mother is alive, Gaura forces Shivaay to take her to Bulgaria to meet Olga.

During their visit, Gaura gets kidnapped by a child trafficking gang and thus begins Shivaay’s cat and mouse chase with the kidnappers.

Will he be able to save Gaura? How far will a father to go for the safety of his daughter?


The Movie Starts Of Really Slow And Takes About Some Time Before The Real Action Starts.. The 1st Half Ends With Awesome Action Scenes Which Leaves You
Wanting For More The Second Part Does Disappoint With Some Not So Needed Scenes Which Were Surely Not Necessary To Be Added.. But, The Movies Ends Nicely Which Makes You Emotional..
It's Like A Roller Coaster Movie Which Has It's UP As Well As DOWN.. The Action Scenes Are Nicely Directed But Emotional Scenes Are Not So Well Executed.. Ajay Devgn Surely Knows How To Express Through His Eyes, Which Is Something Not Many Can Do...
The Little Girl Plays Her Role Nicely & Other Actors Does Average Acting..

Don't Keep High Expectations From The Movie..
Watch It For Action Scenes & Ajay Devgn!

3/5 From My Side

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