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Surprising Facts About Dreams

At times dreams leave you numb and sometimes you have no idea what you dreamt about. There can’t be any life without dreams. Catch few shocking facts about dreams. Read before snoozing.
1. An average human being spends a span of 6 years of his/her life dreaming.

2. Most people claim that they don’t dream at all. But in reality we all dream and as we wake up 90% of our dream is gone with the wind.

3. The surprising part is that you can also manipulate you dreams. Few people have a tendency to blend their dreams even though they are asleep. It is called the “Lucid dreaming”.

4. You can have up to 7 different dreams per night.

5. It is proven that in our dreams we only see faces that we have seen before in our lives.

6. Blind people who were not born blind see images in their dreams. But people who were born blind don’t see anything at all. Although they can sense their dreams too.

7. Some people only dream in black and white.

8. Few people actually dream about things which are going to happen to them later, exactly the way they dreamt. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination.

9. Men and women both dream about sex quite often. In 90% of men’s sex dreams, women initiate sex.

10. Our pets dream too. They move their paws or make noises while dreaming.
11. According to psychological studies, 97% of men experience nocturnal emissions (nightfall) because of seductive dreams by the age of 24.

12. 75% people try to fall back asleep in the morning just to complete their incomplete dreams.

So do share your list of facts below before dreaming tonight.

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