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Sources of Vitamin D

We list foods that are a great source vitamin D
  • Salmon
Salmon is known to be high in fat content, thus being an excellent source of vitamin D. One serving of salmon will provide you with your daily recommended vitamin D intake. In addition to salmon, tuna, catfish and mackerel are also some options for vitamin D.

  • Milk
Milk is also an excellent source of vitamin D. A single glass of vitamin D will provide you up to a quarter of the recommended vitamin D.

  • Cereal
Many cereals are also fortified with vitamin D. Before picking up a cereal box, remember to check the nutritional information to be sure of the level of vitamin D.

  • Eggs
The egg yolk is said to be high in vitamin D. Though the whole egg does not contain vitamin D, still it is advisable to have the whole egg.

  • Orange juice
In addition to milk and cereal, orange juice is commonly fortified. One glass of orange juice a day will give you a good dose of vitamin D.

  • Mushrooms
Mushrooms have a significant amount of vitamin D. The amount varies according to its type or varieties. Shitake mushrooms are considered to be one of the best sources of vitamin D.


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