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Jannat 2 Review & Story

Movie Ratting : * * 
Director : Kunal Deshmukh
Producer : Mahesh Bhatt
Music : Pritam
Cast :  Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda and Isha Gupta

Jannat 2 Story

Jannat 2 is the story of one ordinary man, Sonu (played by Emraan Hashmi). His quest for personal heaven, creates hell for all those around him.
Sonu is a smooth talking street-smart gun runner,has a  nickname(KKC), given by his closest friend Balli, is 'Kutti Kameeni Cheez' who has never done Honest work in his entire life. He sells locally made and produced guns for a living.
On the other hand ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda) is a man who is living with the ghost of his past and have personal vendetta against the gun nexus. He will go to any length to crack down this nexus.He will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal, of ridding North India of the local gun trade. In Sonu, he finds a convenient partner. Knowing that he (Sonu) is the perfect candidate, Pratap lets Sonu enter this racket undercover and expose everyone involved in the illegal gun trade.
             Along his journey, he (Sonu) falls in love with a beautiful young doctor Jhanvi (played by EshaGupta). She works as a doctor at a local hospital, raising funds to prevent the hospital from being bought and taken over. She lives her life as a simple, middle class girl. who has no hidden agenda, who lives life in pure and clear honest terms. 


The movie is based on 2005 hollywoood movie "Lord of War"

Jannat2 is a crime thriller movie and a sequel to the 2008 hit film Jannat which was based on Cricket World and Gambling, whereas plot of this movie is about business and Smuggling of gun.there is no similarity between Previous  movie and this movie except Title ,unit and leading actor.
Emraan Hashmi has done same role of Streat Boy in Footpath and there is nothing new in his role,whereas character of ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi played by Randeep Hudda is better than the lead actor’ can not Imagine the Movie without the character of ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi.Randeep hudda has completely justify with his Role.
New comer Isha Gupta had a Challanging Role and she had performed well.

What is Gud

  • Music is one of the reasons that might develop a curiosity and interest  for the film. Songs-”Tu hi mera” & “Deedar Hua” very good to watch.
  • Plot of Movie is new and Challanging ,Kunal Could make the movie Better.
  • Acting by Randeep Hudda is Watchable.
What is Bad
  • In movie there is No chemistry seen between Emraan & Esha Gupta.
  • Story is predictable, dull and extremely boring in the first half. While, the second part too creates no hope for an audience.
  • In film very vulgar Language is used ,some scenes are also very bold and you can not watch the movie with family.
  • Title of film has no connection with the Plot of film. 

On the whole, JANNAT 2 is an one time watch Movie.
Jannat2, is not better more than movie -Jannat(2008).


  1. very very very rubbish review by u what u want in the movie the same like jannat 1???
    it is obvious that the movie will have different story........
    superb acting by imrann and randeep........... the review by u looks to be a very childish

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. the reviewer is a 3rd class person.....awesome movie

  3. what u want in J2 so as to be a a series of J1............U R A DUMB ASS

  4. kya chutiya review diya h isne.......the movie is awesome

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